For Community

Adoption Rhode Island is proud to be a prominent resource within the community for adoption, permanency for children in state care and support for children and families both pre and post adoption.

• We speak out for best practice, working to create positive adoption laws in the state, promote the use of adoption competent language, providing education to ensure use of non-stigmatizing language

• Promoting our strength-based approach, we serve as a training and support site for students and volunteers, providing solid experience for those as they enter the field

• Adoption RI often serves as Rhode Island’s information and referral station around adoption, often being the first place people call for information, feedback or guidance relative to adoption-related isses

• We provide a mechanism for the community to give back to children in foster care, working to maximize resources for children in ways they can best benefit the children in care

• We partner with community businesses to offer resources to families who adopt children from state care

Community Programs

Cardi’s Furniture Cares About Kids
Adoptive families have a chance to make their house a little more ‘homey’ thanks to the generosity and compassion of Cardi’s Furniture. Cardi’s Furniture has partnered with Adoption Rhode Island to support families who adopt children from Rhode Island foster care since 2012.

The “Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses Cares About Kids” program donates a $500 Cardi’s Gift Card for each child, registered with Adoption Rhode Island, who is adopted and to families adopting on National Adoption Day. Each year, Cardi’s donates over $12,000 in gift cards to families in RI through this program!


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