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Adoption Rhode Island is proud to be a prominent resource within the community for adoption, permanency for children in state care and support for children and families both pre and post adoption.

• We speak out for best practice, working to create positive adoption laws in the state, promote the use of adoption competent language, providing education to ensure use of non-stigmatizing language

• Promoting our strength-based approach, we serve as a training and support site for students and volunteers, providing solid experience for those as they enter the field

• Adoption RI often serves as Rhode Island’s information and referral station around adoption, often being the first place people call for information, feedback or guidance relative to adoption-related isses

• We provide a mechanism for the community to give back to children in foster care, working to maximize resources for children in ways they can best benefit the children in care

• We partner with community businesses to offer resources to families who adopt children from state care

Extension of Care Act

In late March, Article 15 of the state budget was heard by the House Finance Committee. This is the section of the state budget that includes the proposed changes to the law that would extend foster care from age 18-21. Adoption RI testified to our support. This article would provide an entitlement that would create a true safety net for this population of youth and give them a chance to get an education, have housing, receive job skills and training and ongoing permanency planning and support. Please contact members of the House finance committee to lend your support for this important state policy change that will truly make a difference in the lives of foster youth.

Below are the email addresses for members of the House Finance Committee:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “Rep. Ruggiero, Deborah” ,,,


Community Programs

Cardi’s Furniture Cares About Kids
Adoptive families have a chance to make their house a little more ‘homey’ thanks to the generosity and compassion of Cardi’s Furniture. Cardi’s Furniture has partnered with Adoption Rhode Island to support families who adopt children from Rhode Island foster care since 2012.Cardis+Kids

The “Cardi’s Furniture Cares About Kids” program donates a $300 Cardi’s Furniture Gift Card for each child, registered with Adoption Rhode Island, who is adopted and to families adopting on National Adoption Day. Each year, Cardi’s donates over $12,000 in gift cards to families in RI through this program!

First Star Program
The First Star Program is a partnership between First Star, a national child advocacy program, and the University of Rhode Island to bring 8th and 9th grade foster youth on to the campus of URI for a 4-week residential summer academic program at the First Star URI RAM Academy. The Academy provides academic support, enrichment and encouragement needed in becoming competitive applicants for subsequent admission to two and four year colleges. The program also provides grade-appropriate information regarding higher education and presents students with a preview of the collegiate experience. The program engages students in a variety of fun and active learning opportunities that include academic courses for college credit, independent studies, social and cultural activities, field trips, service learning and recreational activities.

Adoption Rhode Island is proud to be a First Star partner organization working with a state-wide team of committed businesses and individuals to launch the program right here in Rhode Island.

Bridges to Hope
Adoption Rhode Island, Family Service of Rhode Island, House of Hope CDC, and Lucy’s Hearth are all committed to achieving significant improvements in permanency, self-sufficiency, education, employment, housing, mental and behavioral health, and other key outcomes for young adults aging out of the foster care system. The Bridges to Hope partnership is a unique opportunity to collectively test innovative, cost-effective, and outcome-focused strategies to improve results for this population. For more information, contact Kat Tavares at Adoption RI.


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