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Born 2009
Adventurous, fun and full of love to give…

Hector is a fun and thoughtful 9-year-old boy who is full of joy. He enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and football, and would love to have someone to throw a ball around with. Hector also enjoys playing board games. He may even let you win! When he plays Jenga, Hector enjoys creating his own structures with the blocks when the tower falls down. He loves to read and has already read through a tall stack of children’s chapter books.

Hector wants a potential family to know how much he loves Star Wars and Pokemon. He has a binder full of Pokemon cards that he has been collecting. He would love to have a family to sit down and show his favorite cards to.

If you love going on adventures, climbing trees, and exploring, you will get along great with this spunky kiddo. When it’s time to come indoors, you could have hours of fun with Hector building with Legos!

It is important that a potential family be open to sibling contact. Hector and his siblings want to remain connected. Although they are separated in care, Hector is always thinking of them and looking forward to the next time they will be able to visit.

A family who is able to maintain a routine while also giving time to let loose and have fun would be the best fit. Despite any curve balls thrown his way, Hector remains positive and full of optimism. Any family would be lucky to have Hector in their lives.


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