Born 2006
“I want a father who will play sports with me”…

Anthony is a smart eleven-year-old boy who excels in leadership roles. He likes to help out and loves to receive positive feedback. Making people laugh is one of his favorite things to do. If Anthony succeeds in getting you to crack a smile, he feels he has accomplished his mission.

“I am fun and I like to joke and make people laugh. I can’t wait to be in a home that I can call my own.

Anthony loves to be active. He most enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Amusement parks excite him and going on roller coasters thrill him. He hopes to be in a family that loves being active and adventurous.

In his downtime, Anthony likes to play video games. He especially likes playing a Batman game. Some other things that he does to occupy his time are, making paper airplanes, legos, origami and putting things together.

If you enjoy being active and have a lot of love to give, you could be the family for Anthony.

Meet Anthony, as featured on a recent Tuesday’s Child…


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