Born 2006
“I want a father who will play sports with me”…

Anthony is a charming, funny and clever twelve-year-old boy who is looking for a family who is active and fun — like him. He would like parents who can keep up with him and take good care of him.

To stay active, Anthony enjoys swimming, basketball and football. Anthony really loves playing one-on-one basketball and every once in a while, a creative game of HORSE on the basketball court. He would also like to try camping someday.

Anthony is always up for a challenge and gets excited when he is presented with competition. He likes to try new activities. Recently, he learned to ride a horse and also enjoyed a trip to a local trampoline park where he was fearless on all of the trampolines.

Anthony likes to play video games when he cannot run around doing fun activities outside. He is also interested in cars and thinks he may want to be a mechanic when he grows up.

Anthony likes to keep you guessing and enjoys bringing laughter to the conversation at all times!!

Anthony summarizes himself by saying, “I am cool. I like sports. I can’t wait to have fun and play with someone that likes what I like”.

Anthony would like to be surrounded by a loving family who will be there to support him as he learns to navigate through new adventures
and experiences.

Meet Anthony, as featured on Tuesday’s Child…


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