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Children Gallery


Currently on hold…

Te’Viahn is a sweet bundle of love and energy. He is really quite the charmer! Te’Viahn loves to be on the move. He really enjoys playing basketball and climbing on jungle gyms. He’s super speedy both on and off the court.

Te’Viahn likes to get his groove on and show his dance moves while listening to artists, like Shawn Mendes. During downtime, Te’Viahn enjoys playing with cars, dinosaurs, card games, and board games. One of his favorite games to play is Memory, and he has a superb recollection of where cards land. Te’Viahn gets a thrill out of being the one to give instructions for board games. Typically, he also wins most games. He enjoys reading a wide variety of books, especially right before a nap or bedtime.

Te’Viahn loves hugs and affection. He is in need of a family who has lots of both to give, while also providing him with structure and routine… He needs to know what comes next.

Te’Viahn would love a mom and dad who will read him bedtime stories and tuck him into bed each night…