Children Gallery


Born 2007

“I want a family to know I have a big heart, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.”

At 15-years old Skye is an outgoing, kind, and fun teen! Once you get to know Skye, the topics of conversation are endless. Skye’s interests include a variety of activities and will keep them (and you!) entertained for hours. If it’s a rainy day and you’re stuck inside, you’ll find Skye playing with Legos, cooking or doing manicures. Skye is able to show off their vibrant personality through their choice of nail polish color! Skye loves to help in the kitchen and enjoys showing off cooking skills. They find that cooking and baking is a fun way to let others know you care about them. When the nice weather comes, Skye enjoys getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and seems to have a natural attraction to the beach!

On a long car ride, put Skye in charge of the radio and know you will get a sampling of all musical genres. Skye especially likes rap and country. Whether you are driving to a fun outing or just home after a long day, Skye’s conversation, laughter, and heartwarming smile will brighten your day.

Skye is looking for a family who will take the time to listen and support their hopes for the future. They would benefit from a two-parent household, with or without siblings. Skye is open to LGBTQ+ families and would be happy to have family pets as well, especially cats or dogs!
Skye would like to maintain their existing connections with siblings and hopes for a family who can support this relationship.