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Do you play for Team Gryffindor or Team Slytherin? If Team Slytherin is where you land, you just may win Shakira over. Shakira is an avid reader and quite the Harry Potter fanatic. She would love to share this love with any family that may be the right fit.

Shakira is really into music. Her favorite bands are BTS and Falling in Reverse. She loves Japanese Anime. In her free time, she’ll definitely be checking out some anime videos online. She also has a fond love for watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

When not reading or using technology, you may find Shakira expressing herself in the kitchen. Baking cakes and cooking Spanish food are her thing. She would love to test her new recipes out with anyone willing to try them. She’s also a great helper. She enjoys helping others out when given the opportunity.

Academically, Shakira does struggle a bit. However, she truly tries, and it’s nothing a tutor can’t assist with. She expresses herself well with through drawing and the arts.

Shakira is a kind-hearted, a gentle soul, and is always looking out for the best interest of folks around her. Shakira is very patient and is excellent with other children of all ages. Shakira is a people pleaser and tends to put others needs before her own. She would benefit from a family who is able to help her identify the importance of setting herself as a priority. Shakira would like a family that is supportive of her in all aspects of her self-expression. The right family would always need to be open to Shakira have connections with her sibling. This means the world to her!