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12-year-old Reinaldo is a jubilant boy who exudes so much positive energy! He carries much care and love for all who are around him. Reinaldo enjoys playing soccer and football. When he is older, Reinaldo would like to be a professional football player in the NFL, preferably for the Seattle Seahawks.

When asking Reinaldo about his favorite things, he stated that he really enjoys eating pizza, donuts, and mac & cheese. Reinaldo’s favorite colors are green and blue. He has a newfound passion for riding horses. Any time spent outside being active is truly a win for Reinaldo. During downtime, he enjoys playing video games and with action figures.

Reinaldo would love to be a part of an active family, who would be willing to throw a football around in the backyard. While being active is most important, Reinaldo also longs for a family that is willing to provide love, affection, and a FOREVER commitment. He has had several moves and yearns for a family to call his own!