Children Gallery

Born: 2005
A young man of many interests, this go-getter is becoming more and more outgoing with each new experience he is afforded, and is looking for a family who will continue to introduce him to new activities and challenges.

This young man is funny, quick-witted and may try to sneak in playful practical jokes on you if you are not paying close enough attention. He has many siblings and learned at an early age how to try to make everyone laugh. He has been described by some as a big teddy bear. He cares very much for all his friends and family.

Growing up, while most of his time was spent indoors and to himself, as he got older he was exposed to summer camp, camping and high school sports. His interests have grown to include having a desire to join the football and wrestling team at school. Coaches have recruited him to join the teams this past year. He also learned how to camp, fish and be out in the woods, and he really enjoys it!

He has developed many new skills in the last few years. He still enjoys video games and he is very competitive. He wants to be part of a family who will continue to teach him and introduce him to new activities out in the world. He is up to the challenge!

Staying in touch with his siblings as he develops his relationship with his new family is important to him.