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Born 2001
Nyziear is very creative and like to express himself through art…

Nyziear is an active and energetic youth who enjoys spending time with others including same aged peers.

Although Ny’s verbal communication is limited, his receptive communication is stellar. He communicates best through facial expressions, through his art or the use of the picture communication book. Ny does best with structure and consistency.

Nyziear loves to attend church and go on vacations with his current foster family. He enjoys car rides and will even try to sing what’s on the radio. On the last family vacation, Ny was swimming like a fish in the pool – a skill no one knew he had! Just because Nyziear has some limitations, he wants to be included in all activities and treated as like every other kid. Foster dad shared that Nyziear likes to help around the house, including assisting in meal preparation, folding laundry or even going grocery shopping.

Nyziear is very creative and loves to color, paint and create works of art. Nyziear is able to identify colors and helps relay his feelings by using a color chart. Nyziear’s foster parents are proud to display his original pieces. Nyziear is looking for his forever family. A two-parent family with children is suggested to help Nyziear strive. Are you the family that would love to display Nyziear’s artwork?