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Born 2009

Nuala has visions of becoming a Chef, an Athlete or a K9 Police Officer.

13-year-old Nuala has a vibrant personality with a smile that lights up the room. She is polite, funny and full of energy! She is a goal-oriented teen who is hoping for a family that will help support and guide her as she explores her talents and interests.

Nuala would like a family to know that she is athletic and enjoys playing on a team. Her favorite sport is basketball however football, soccer and cross country are also enjoyable.

Nuala has visions of becoming a Chef, an Athlete or a K9 Police Officer. These dream jobs certainly show her versatility and varied interests. Nuala was once active in beauty pageants and has discussed a desire to return to the stage. Nuala is a talented singer and has a beautiful voice!

Nuala loves dogs and cats. Her dream pet would be a Grey Wolf that she would name “Wolfie” as that name has a special meaning to her culture. Nuala’s favorite season is winter. She loves sledding, skating and playing in the snow.

Nuala is looking for a family who will embrace her love of sports, watch a horror movie together, cheer her on and help motivate her to continue to work hard for her future. It is important that a family be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and have an openness to maintaining birth family connections. While Nuala is open to having siblings, she believes she would thrive in a smaller family dynamic. Nuala has a bright future ahead of her and can achieve any goal with the consistent love, care and stability of a family.