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Born 2006

“I can do the moonwalk”- shows off his sweet moves!

Mateo is a born athlete, He has spent many of his nights at practice and finds an outlet in being part of the team. When football is not in season, he is all about basketball.   Although he is soft spoken when you first meet him, you will soon see his silly side.  Mateo likes to joke around and is a playful sibling.  He and his sister are often engaged in friendly competition.  They are both athletic and like to out score each other in any sport.

This laid back teen has many skills on and off the court.  He enjoys building things with his hands and has put together small projects such as a cat tower and a shoe stand. He follows directions well.  He likes building Legos, if he finds out he missed a piece along the way he will take it all apart to make sure he gets it right.   Mateo’s favorite food is watermelon, but he can cook several meals such as pasta, mac and cheese, bacon and eggs, omelets and bake a cake.  He is ready to learn new life skills and wants a chance to explore the world. One of his favorite classes at school was called Inquiring Minds.  Mateo says that this class focuses on global goals such as ending hunger, poverty, equality, and suppling clean water to all.  He can share in detail many of his ideas on how we can all help to achieve these goals and more.

Mateo is charming, gets along well with others and does well in school when he is motivated and applies himself.  He is a smart kid who needs a parent (s) who will energize him to take his ideas to the next step.  He is looking for a family who will support his love for football, and basketball, cheer him on, and help motivate him to continue to work hard for his future. He may be unsure of what that future is at this point, but knows he can achieve any goal with the consistent care, love, and stability a of a safe and loving family. It is important that Mateo have continued contact with his older sister and younger brother.