Children Gallery


Born 2007

“I want a family to know I have a big heart, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.”

Marisol, is a sweet, kindhearted, funny young teen. She is thoughtful and takes the time to listen to others. Marisol likes to engage others in conversations and is very outgoing once you get to know her. In her free time, she likes to play with Legos, play outside, and listen to music. She likes all different genres of music but she especially loves rap and country! If you like to cook, Marisol would love to help! She enjoys being able to cook and bake for and with others, and has even won a culinary award for her delicious food and culinary skills!

Marisol has a big, heartwarming smile that lights up any room she is in. She has a special way to make others laugh and smile when they need it most. A forever family is what Marisol has been waiting for. She receives extra supports at school and in the home to help her thrive. Marisol is ready for the love and support that a family could provide for her.

 Her relationship with her siblings is a very important to her and she would love a family that is able to support this connection. Marisol would do best in a two-parent household where she is an only child or will have older or younger siblings. Marisol is open to LGBTQ families. Marisol has expressed that she wouldn’t mind a home that had pets! Especially dogs and cats!