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Jayson is a lovable, affectionate 9-year-old, who thrives on comfort and connection. He is shy at first but once he is ready, he is outgoing, talkative, and engaging. Are you a snuggler? Jayson is. He needs adults who with reciprocate hugs and kisses, offer praise and positive reinforcement and above all, be a constant safe person in his life.

Like all kids, Jayson is all about fun. He enjoys building with Legos, creating whole new worlds in Minecraft and being active. Jayson recently started taking karate. He was unsure about participating at first, but now he is enthusiastic about attending each week. The part he loves most about this class is making new friends. Jayson tries hard to make friends wherever he goes. He loves people and animals. Jayson adores the pets in his life and would like to someday have a dog.

Jayson needs and deserves to be loved, wanted, and the center of attention in a family that will meet him where he is and have the patience to help him achieve his goals.

Jayson is motivated to continue to do well at school and at home. He can not wait to meet his FOREVER family.