Children Gallery

Diego, Dianyelis and Dilan

Born: 2006, 2008, and 2010
Currently on hold…

Do you have a love for spontaneity, creativity, and enjoy together time? These three siblings, Diego, Dianyelis and Dilan love it all! They may be slow to warm up, but once they do, a good time is guaranteed.

Diego, the oldest brother, is a superstar at overcoming barriers and remaining positive. He enjoys spending his free time at his after school program and summer camp. Diego thrives when he is with his peers and just having a good time. Due to some challenges life threw his way, Diego requires some support in school and at home, but he has a positive and respectful attitude through it all!

Dilan, the middle child, brings the energy! He enjoys staying active, although he also does very well keeping busy while playing independently. Given the space, Dilan enjoys being outdoors and the ability to be carefree. He sometimes needs his own space to process all that is going on around him, but with compassion and support will rejoin the group, showing us all his beautiful smile!

Dianyelis, the youngest, is a pure joy! She is quite the girly girl, has a love for all things pink, takes pride in her hair braiding abilities, and uses her free time to care for her MANY baby dolls complete with outfits and matching headbands.

Keeping the bond and sibling connections is top priority for these three. Being separated in care has been challenging, but with their positive outlook there is nothing they can’t overcome! Being separated in foster care during COVID 19 has added challenges. One of those challenges being the need to photograph separately due to quarantining. Being able to take family pictures together with a family who love them is something we hope to achieve for these siblings in the future!