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Dayvon & Elijah

Kind, athletic, creative, hardworking, fun-loving, and respectful are just some of the words that come to mind when describing these siblings. These boys are sports fanatics! They can be found playing basketball or throwing a football around in the yard on a nice

When they’re not outside playing sports, you can find them watching sports on television or playing them on their video games. Dayvon and Elijah’s absolute favorite sports team is the New England Patriots. They’ve even been able to attend a game!
When not immersed in sports, 19-year-old Elijah loves to cook and be helpful around the house. Fifteen-year-old Dayvon likes to read books and play board games. Both boys really like building things and enjoy going to antique car shows.

As adults, they both would like to give back to their community and country. Dayvon would like to enter the military. While Dayvon’s ambition may be on a national or global level, Elijah would like to stick to his community roots and become a police officer.

A couple other things these boys would like people to know include how they like to dress, and their connectedness to each other and their siblings. Elijah has a desire to be a sharp- dressed man, suit & tie, and all, while Dayvon is eager to just match his clothes. Both are very into having “fly sneakers”, aka Jordans! While all these things are such amazing attributes for these boys, nothing compares to the love and the bond they have for each other and their other siblings. This cannot be broken! These boys have been separated before and never want to feel this pain again!