Born 2008

“I don’t care if I am adopted in RI or another state as long as I can still talk to my sister.”


Christian likes being outside kayaking, swimming and interacting with animals.  He likes building, fixing and taking things apart. He builds forts, cardboard creations and fixes bikes and RC racing cars.   Once all the parts are off, he tries to put them back together.  He does not always know how to get things running again but will keep working at it.  He needs an adult who is handy or likes to build and fix things with him and can teach him these skills by letting him use his hands and get the work done.

Christian is easy going, quiet, and enjoys being active and busy. He has the best laugh!  Like most kids his age, he loves watching kooky YouTube videos.  He can be well behaved, follow the house rules, and says please and thank you but needs reminders, structure and good role models to stay on track. Christian needs a family who will motivate and inspire him to discover additional ways to have fun.  He is learning independence skills, cooking and more complicated chores and does best when he does these thing together with an adult to engage and bond with him.

Christian likes animals, pets, and especially loves dogs.  Having a dog helps him feel more comfortable during transition to a new home. The dog he lived with at his past foster placement slept on his bed, and that unconditional friendship brought him comfort.  Those who know Christian well say that Christian needs a relaxed home. He does well with adults who have the patience to talk things through, teach new skills, have a gentle way about them and are a low-key family. He thrives on the coaching approach of setting limits and consequences in a respectful and caring way.  He needs caring adults who with see his strengths, encourage and support him so he can be confident in his abilities.

Christian is open to all family types.  He says he knows that he would be comfortable in all family settings but would do best in a home with a lot of outdoor nature and places to explore.  Christian has strong attachments to his sister and biological father, and it’s very important to Christian that he stays in contact with them.  If you think your family would be just what Christian is looking for, please give us a call.