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Born: 2002
Are you a basketball fan? This young man not only loves to play, but can talk the basketball, from NBA to college hoops, with you for hours…

As they say, time flies and this young man has grown up very fast. As he approaches the end of his teenage years, he has started to think more about his future and how he will be able to surround himself with supportive friends and family. He loves to be involved in playing basketball with his friends and he is the biggest Celtics fan. He is able to talk basketball with you for hours, from the NBA to college hoops.

Although school has not always come easy, he always seeks help from teachers and mentors to be able to get through the tough assignments and classes. He is looking forward to working and saving up some money. College is still something he is considering but he may try to get his license in a trade, like becoming an electrician.

This young athlete wants to be part of a family who can help provide guidance with his education and be there to encourage him as he reaches for his goals. He also wants to be part of an active family that likes to watch and play sports. He will challenge you to a game of one on one basketball without thinking twice. If you are up to have having your basketball skills put to the test, you may just be the match for this young man!