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Born 2002
Charlie would love a family to take him fishing…

Charlie has hopes of becoming part of his forever family. He has a laid back, carefree spirit. Over his final years in high school, Charlie has become a very mature young man who thinks about his future and what it may bring. He spends time volunteering in the local community and enjoys staying busy.

Charlie is a well rounded young man who will blow you away with his intellectual facts, give you a run for your money on the basketball court, and leave you speechless with his self taught musical abilities! It would not be surprising to see Charlie’s name listed as a top contestant in Rubik’s cube competitions. He hopes to learn other languages and knows there is so much more the world has to offer.

Charlie looks forward to sharing his interests with his family while learning new things together. Despite not living together, Charlie’s relationship with his sister is a bond that cannot be broken. They have shown how resilient their relationship is throughout all of life’s challenges. It is important to Charlie that any potential family know how important his sister is and hopes that they would support this relationship. Charlie is looking into his future after high school and is hopeful he will have a forever family to share this journey with!