Children Gallery


Born 2002

”Even though I am done with high school, I still have hopes of being adopted.”

Charlie has hopes of becoming part of his forever family! He has a laid back, carefree spirit. While Charlie could impress anyone with his intellectual knowledge, he will also blow you away with his beats and raps. He has taught himself guitar and keyboard, as well as a long list of other musical abilities! Have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube? If you have, I bet Charlie can beat your fastest time.

Charlie has graduated high school and hopes to continue learning into adulthood. He plans to learn multiple languages and there is no doubt he will be successful! While he is still figuring out what he would like to do as a career he is considering EMT and Firefighting. When you are as bright and skilled as Charlie, the opportunities are endless.

Charlie is close with his sister and her family. He would like any family to know that how strong this bond is. He would benefit from a family who will encourage Charlie as he learns life skills; a family that will be on this journey with him and supporting him all the way!