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Born: 2012
“I am hoping for a family to start new traditions with.”

Jordan is full of energy, enthusiasm, and wonder for life. She enjoys being active in activities such as softball and basketball, or less strenuous ones like arts and crafts. Jordan has expressed wanting to try new activities like soccer, dance, or karate to help with focus and simply to get some energy out. Keeping this young one busy is a pathway to her heart.
Jordan enjoys being in school. Her favorite classes are math and gym. Teachers describe her as resilient, helpful, humorous, and inquisitive. These traits will suit her well as she hopes for a career as a doctor or teacher!  Although Jordan is aspiring for great things in life, she enjoys the simplest of things like eating chocolate, a bag of Doritos or having a glass of orange soda. She wants to share her hopes and aspirations with a family who can provide the support and guidance to help her succeed.
Jordan needs a family that has consistent and clear boundaries and expectations to help her on her life journey. She wants a family that will share her interests, focus on her development, and foster the connection to her siblings. Jordan would love a family with a cat but won’t rule out our canine friends! She’s adorable and lively with so much to offer a family who can support her through life’s challenges.