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Born: 2003
This charming teen is looking for love and support to help him with tough decisions and life choices…

This extremely intelligent young man and has always been mature for his age. Sometimes this mature mindset has caused him to miss out on age-appropriate fun and he needs to be reminded that he is not yet an adult and has the right to enjoy the childhood he deserves. He carries his sense of humor with him everywhere he goes and he uses his charm to make friends everywhere. He is the type of person who could grow up to be Mayor! He always welcomes you with a smile and is always willing to help you if you need it.

Focusing in a school setting can be a bit of a challenge, in part because of social distraction. He benefits from assistance and redirection to keep him focused, but once he applies himself he does well. He is looking forward to working so he can begin to save money as well as make some fun purchases: sneakers and clothing are some of the things he enjoys. He is very stylish and likes to stay on top of the latest trends.

A family that is supportive and consistent would help develop a thriving future for this youth. He does best with structure and in an environment where he can continue to grow and try new things. He asks a family to have a good sense of humor so he can feel like he belongs. He is looking for love and support as he approaches adulthood to help him with tough decisions and life choices that do not come easy at any age.