Emily Lyon, LICSW

Chief Operating Officer

Emily joined the Adoption Rhode Island team in October 2014, with a career devoted to working with children and teenagers with special needs in foster care and adoptive homes. Her relationship with Adoption RI stems back to 2003, where for nearly a decade, she worked in the Families for Children treatment foster care and adoption program at Communities for People, first as a Social Worker and then as the Director, responsible for the training, licensing, and clinical support oversight of foster and pre-adoptive families. Through her experiences in this program, as well as her collaboration with Adoption RI, her passion for permanency has only grown through the years, with the mantra that there is a family for every child and a child for every family.

Emily has also spent time working in RI System of Care, where she gained knowledge and experience in systems development and service array building. Outside of her time with Adoption RI, Emily has a small private practice and currently works, as a Lead Clinician, with the Therapeutic Sports Program, working with youth with diverse mental and emotional health needs through the use of sports. Emily is eager and excited to be working with the Adoption RI team!

email: elyon@adoptionri.org
Tel: 401.865.6000 x308

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