Darlene Allen, MS

CEO & Executive Director

Darlene2015For more than 25 years Darlene has devoted her professional career to improving the lives of abused and neglected children. Darlene has worked in both public and private organizations in a variety of professional positions. She has received national recognition for her advocacy for adoptive families. Darlene leads a number of state initiatives focused on foster care and adoption. She also participates on several national adoption and child welfare committees and initiatives.

Darlene believes that all children have strengths and deserve opportunities to succeed. She believes that children do best when they have loving, committed families. The programs and services she designs and manages are dedicated to providing those opportunities. No child should age out of foster care, no child should be left behind.

Darlene received her Bachelors degree from Providence College. She holds a Masters Degree in Human Service Administration from University of Massachusetts, Boston. Darlene enjoys painting, hiking and going to the gym when she is not working.

email: dallen@adoptionri.org
Tel: 401.865.6000 x301

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