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Adoption Rhode Island is an open and welcoming organization that respects and values diversity.
Adoption RI is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, with respect both to the delivery of services and employment practices.

The Agency: Adoption Rhode Island’s mission is to create safety, belonging, and permanency for adopted and foster children, vulnerable youth, and families through compassionate services, advocacy, and education.

Agency Location: Adoption RI is located in the heart of Providence, in the Federal Hill area, close to downtown, great restaurants, and Routes 95, 195, 6, and 10. The agency serves youth and families statewide.

Why Should You Apply?

• Competitive benefits
• Flexible hours
• On-the-job training & professional development
• Passionate, committed team environment


Current Openings – Teen Focus Program

The Program: The Teen Focus program is a high-energy, high-impact program that works with youth-at-risk of aging out of foster care, seeking to improve both permanency and educational outcomes. The program is goal-oriented to keep older youth stable in supportive living arrangements while striving towards legal and relational permanency through adoption, guardianship, and/or the development of a network of peer and adult supports. Additionally, youth are supported in achieving educational and/or vocational and career goals as they prepare for adulthood.

Educational Specialist – Teen Focus Program

The Position: Education Specialist is sought to assist youth in overcoming barriers to academic success and improve continuity and consistency of education across systems serving these youth. The Educational Specialist will provide resources for educational achievement, such as reviewing transcripts, maintaining contact with high school counselors, goal-setting, career exploration, and any other educational/vocational needs the youth may have. The Education Specialist will also assist youth in navigating post-secondary options and connect youth with opportunities to learn life skills including stress management, healthy relationships, self-advocacy, time management, study skills, financial literacy, and basic independent living skills.

Qualifications & Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field required.
Trauma-informed, permanency-competent applicants with knowledge of educational system, including Special Education, as well as adolescent/teen development, understanding of child welfare system, experience in direct service and policy development, familiarity with state and federal laws related to child welfare and education, strong verbal and written communication skills, and data collection and application skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply. Must possess valid drivers’ license, transportation, and valid car insurance, as well as pass child welfare and criminal background checks.

How to Apply: Qualified candidates should email their resume and letter of interest to Emily Lyon at


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