NE Patriots – Caring About Kids

Article_TB Thanks to the generosity of the New England Patriots Charitable Organization, several Adoption Rhode Island children and families were honored – and thrilled to be invited to the VIP tent at a 2015 Training Camp.
All stood in awe of the bigger than life players practicing just yards away, and even more excited when several players came by after practice to say hello and sign autographs. Among the greatest thrill was a special visit by Patriot’s Wide Receiver, Brian Tyms who came over to share his story, inspiration and motivation to keep an eye on our goals…

Read the article recapping the event below, then scroll down to watch a brief video exchange between Brian Tyms and ARI’s Executive Director, Darlene Allen, following his talk.

Brian Tyms talks with ARI's Executive Director about his time in foster care and his hope that kids in care today believe in their futures.

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