Ways to Help

Imagine being a young child and not having a loving parent to tuck you in at night, and make you feel safe and loved. Imagine scoring the winning basket in a game, and not having someone in the stands to cheer you on, or a family to celebrate your high school graduation with. Imagine being alone in this world and wanting more than anything to belong to someone. This is unimaginable for most of us, but it is the sad reality of hundreds of children in state foster care. Your donation can help us to change that.

Your contribution will help in so many important ways. It will make a significant difference in helping us to find families for Rhode Island children. Every donation counts. It will help us to provide support to children and families throughout the adoption process. No one should feel alone. Your contribution will help us to heal children wounded by difficult pasts, and provide them with the joy and hope that all children should have. We depend on your generous contributions to provide children with healthy childhood experiences such as birthday parties, holiday gifts, summer camp, or art classes. Your support has helped us to provide a duffle bag filled with clothing and necessities to a child facing yet another unexpected move. Your donation will make life easier for a child that has already been through too much. By supporting Adoption Rhode Island you will also provide a place where those that long to be parents can realize their dreams, and be supported on their journey. Help keep hope alive.

We assure you that your contribution will be used wisely. Adoption Rhode Island utilizes only 11% of our funds to cover administrative and overhead expenses. The rest goes directly to providing much needed services to children and families. This means that your donation, no matter how big or small, will greatly impact the children and families that we serve. You will make a difference.

“I Am Home”

Click the image below to listen to and learn more about “I Am Home”, a song written and performed in support of Adoption RI and the children we support.

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