Ways to Help

By extending a hand and opening your heart you help to change the lives of hundreds of children, teens and families.

You are by our side in putting children first, always. You understand that we all have a responsibility to care for the children who need us most and we are grateful.

As a private, non-profit agency dedicated to the well-being of children, Adoption Rhode Island partners with DCYF to be the adoption and permanency resource for children in state foster care. Public contracts provide only a part of the funding needed for our work with the most vulnerable children in Rhode Island.

However you choose to help, you make a difference for children and teens in foster care who each deserve a place to call home, a family to be there during the best and worst of times, and opportunities to flourish in adulthood.



Your gift to the Adopt Hope Fund will touch the life of a child or teen in foster care who deserves to be safe, loved, and on the path to a much better future.

Your gift helps to close the gap in funding between government support (contracts) and our operating budget to serve our children and families.

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