For Parents & Family

Adoption Rhode Island has a growing, strength-based Child and Family Support Program. Services have been custom-designed with a particular individual or group in mind. We have unique programs for waiting children, children who have been adopted, adoptive families, waiting families and adoption professionals. New creative and flexible services continue to evolve to meet the many different needs for support throughout the adoption process.
Adoption Rhode Island provides:

• Home and office based counseling
• Education and support groups for children and families
• Outreach, information and referrals
• Adoption preparation and disruption prevention services
• Assessment, education and support to foster families considering adoption and throughout the adoption process
• Kinship Care services

Adoption Rhode Island offers a variety of programs and services in a variety of different areas for waiting children to help keep them hopeful, empower them to believe in themselves and to help us find them the forever family they so deserve. The links in this section will offer an overview of some of our typical programs.

During this pandemic, our groups look different but we are being creative in ensuring we are still meeting the needs of all children, youth and families impacted by adoption and foster care.

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