Pre/Post Adoption Support

Our Support Services team offers a number of groups and workshops for children, both pre and post adoptive, to come together with other children and siblings to share experiences, feelings, hopes and dreams.

Groups are offered at different times throughout the year, and focus on specific needs, ages and interests. Included are:

A Series of Experiential Workshops for Youth Impacted by Foster Care and/or Adoption

Adoption. This FREE workshop offers youth an opportunity to meet others with similar life experiences and express themselves in a creative and supportive environment.

Local artists and clinicians lead exciting and fun filled workshops, each lesson plan will include instruction and “hands-on” assistance with the craft, art project or other activity. Additionally, issues relevant to foster care and adoption will be discussed. This program is open to all community youth impacted by adoption/foster care!

Healing Arts
The Healing Arts Program teaches creative, drug-free coping skills to young people in foster care and group homes, while also working to embed the arts throughout the child welfare system. We have learned from youth and staff feedback that our workshops provide participants with a sense of calm well-being as well as multiple avenues for creative expression.


Adoption Preparation & Clinical Supports
Adoption is a benefit to children who would otherwise grow up in less stable and nurturing situations. Many children, however, come to adoption with higher risks for on-going developmental challenges. Understanding these challenges and why they develop is critical to addressing them. Pre-adoptive and adoptive families are much more likely to seek counseling, but struggle to find resources in their community that truly understand adoption.

Adoption Rhode Island provides adoption-competent and trauma-informed supports for children and families. Please contact us for more information. To learn more about our Clinical Supports click here.

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