Advocates for Permanency

Our Adoption and Permanency Coordinators participate in weekly Permanency Support Teams (PST), which were created to provide collaboration and support to each of the four regions at the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). PST’s are a partnership between DCYF staff and community partners. PST’s work collaboratively to develop, clarify, promote and support permanency outcomes for youth in foster care in a timely manner, as well as identify barriers to permanency. Adoption Coordinators also separately provide support and consultation to the state child welfare social workers on adoption, foster care and permanency related questions by being available to them on a weekly basis.

To further our advocacy for permanency, Adoption Rhode Island coordinates a Court Liaison Project, which provides advocacy, tracking, and consultation to the RI Family Court and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Made possible by the Together Forever Project, an ACF-funded grant in partnership with Family Service of Rhode Island and DCYF, the Court Liaison Project will allow a part time Adoption Rhode Island staff member to meet with RI Family Court staff, discuss any barriers to timely permanency for youth, and continue to build upon the strong partnership and collaboration between Adoption RI, the courts and DCYF.

Adoption Rhode Island Adoption & Permanency Coordinators conduct more than 500 face to face consultations with DCYF workers and supervisors each year. We provide multi-disciplinary case planning, advocacy with the courts, and assistance to DCYF including out-posting and assistance in preparation and presentation of full disclosures and agency forums. We have seen an increase in timely recruitment registrations and adoption finalizations as well as strengthened adoption competency practice across the child welfare system.

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