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Born: 2010
“Running, jumping and playing are some of my favorite things to do. I also like to play video games and football…and I love my brother”

Stephen is a smart seven-year-old boy who enjoys learning. He is creative and has an active imagination. He likes to create stories and engages others in helping him finish the storyline. Stephen2-17-3

Stephen enjoys reading and being read to. One of his favorite books is Transformers. He also enjoys playing with Beyblades, Ninja Turtles and Skywalker. Stephen loves being active and demonstrates this in playing sports of all kinds. He especially enjoys soccer.

Family is very important to Stephen and he will share with anyone who will listen about how much his brothers means to him. He hopes to maintain a connection with his siblings. A two parent family that is outgoing, energetic and loving would be ideal for him.


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