Born 2002
Ryan is outgoing, lovable and described as the “life of the party”…


Ryan is an athletic, energetic teenager with a funny personality. Ryan wants to be part of a family that will support him in everything he enjoys. Ryan is entering his Senior year and would love to have a family support him through his last year of high school.
He also likes playing pool and enjoys a good hamburger with fries. Ryan likes rap music; utilizing his computer to make custom beats and includes his own rap lyrics into some of the beats he creates.
In the future he wants to explore being a rap artist, producer and beat creator. Ryan wants a family that he can go out with and get one of his favorite drinks from Dunkin Donuts; an iced latté with whole milk, mocha swirl and three sugars. Ryan likes to tell the person working at Dunkin Donuts, “Please hold the hate and make it with extra love”.

Ryan is open to new experiences and adventures and would love to play basketball, take hikes through the woods or go fishing with a family…childhood memories that every child deserves to experience. Ryan is great at making friends and would love to have siblings as well to play and challenge him every day. Ryan is looking forward to meeting an exciting and adventurous family that shares his same qualities.


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