Born 1998
“I’d like a family that will always be there for me…”

Reno is smart and prides himself on doing well in school. He especially likes Science and History as he is fascinated with how things work and evolve. Reno enjoys sports of all kinds and challenges himself to learn new things. He has participated in team sports playing basketball and soccer.
Reno states that there are so many things that he wants to do and he just wishes that he had a loving, caring family to share the experiences with. He dreams of driving a car one day. He hopes that he will one day have a family that can support him in getting his driver’s license.

Reno does not have a preference as to family type. He just wants to be in a family and home that he can call his own. An ideal family would be loving, patient, compassionate and supportive. “I consider myself to be funny and outgoing,” Reno says of himself. “I would like a family that likes to have fun and who will love me unconditionally.”


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