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Born 2008
“I am a good friend and a good brother.”

Marquies-2Marquies is a caring boy who likes to help others. Will you be the family that helps him grow and thrive?

Riding his skateboard or playing with his ninja turtles is where you will typically find Marquies. This kind and generous young boy prides himself on being ‘a good friend and a good helper’, in his own words. His curiosity leads him to learn many new things and to do well in school. Marquies particularly loves solving math problems. Some other things Marquies enjoys are monster trucks, watching TV, power rangers, and pizza. He went to the zoo for the first time this year and thoroughly enjoyed visiting all the animals. He noted the snow leopard and wildebeest were not in their habitats to see, so he is looking forward to going back to see them some day.Marquies-4

Marquies is curious and eager to learn and to enjoy the experiences and activities that are part of childhood. He enjoys sports and would like the opportunity to play on a sports team and to have a family in the stands to cheer him on. It isn’t easy for Marquies to trust adults so his forever family would need to be patient—getting to know Marquies is worth it. Having structure, setting limits, being consistent, and predictable is what is best for him. Marquies wants prospective families to know he is allergic to cats, but would be happy taking care of another kind of pet, especially a dog.

Marquies is a caring boy who likes to help others. Will you be the family that helps him to grow and thrive?

Meet Marquies as he teaches us how to build a pyramid house…


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