Mario & Jasson

These two brothers are motivated to do well in school and be successful in life!

Mario and Jasson are two intelligent young men looking for a family that can keep them together and maintain their other sibling connections. Mario and Jasson are very supportive of one another and are always looking for ways to spend time together, despite the fact that they are currently living separately.

Thirteen-year-old Jasson likes to spend time with his siblings, whenever possible, and play video games. He recently became interested in chess, and quickly learned he is quite good at it! Mario, who is sixteen, enjoys time with siblings and video games as well. He has recently taken on the challenge of building his own computer – a challenge Jasson also wants to try his hand at!

Both boys are motivated to do well in school and be successful. Family connections are very important to Mario and Jasson. They do their best to get together as often as possible with older siblings, so potential families would need to be open to birth family connections, both with siblings and birth mom.

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