Born 1999
Makayla hopes to learn how to play the guitar and write music to accompany the poetry she writes…

Makayla is a creative and active teenager with a wonderful sense of humor. She attends a public high school and her favorite subject is gym because she loves participating in sports. Makayla plays on a basketball team and she also enjoys soccer and football.

The creative side of Makayla allows her to write unique plays, amazing stories, and heartfelt poems and she aspires to study creative writing and poetry in college someday. Country is Makayla’s favorite kind of music. She knows how to write lyrics, but wants to learn how to write music, too, so she can accompany herself on the guitar, drums, or piano.

Makayla loves all kinds of animals and has experience caring for the typical pets like dogs, birds, fish, turtles, and cats, but she’s also taken care of goats, horses, a donkey and even a squirrel! Makayla wants to explore becoming a veterinarian someday, since she finds such joy in taking care of animals.

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When thinking about a family, Makayla is open to living with all types of families as long as they will support the important relationship she has with her younger siblings. She is a protective and generous older sister. Makayla will need someone who will stand by her and help her achieve her future goals.

After seeing a framed AdoptUSKids print ad in our office, Makayla couldn’t agree more with AUSK’s message and wants everyone to know, “It’s okay if you’re not great at making cakes, you can still be a great parent!” Cake drooping

Could you be the family this athletic and very creative girl deserves?


Meet Makayla below, appearing on Tuesday’s Child. . .


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