Born 2001
Maddie likes to paint, bake cupcakes and sing, as long as no one hears her…

Madison likes to be called Maddie. She is a teenage girl born in 2001, who takes pride in her sneaker collection. She keeps them in good shape and it is something she is proud of. She is very creative and has many talents. When she draws she uses angles and perspectives to show dimension in her drawings and she likes to use oil paints to add texture to her artwork. Photography is something she has taken up as a hobby.

Maddie’s taste in music varies from The Temptations, to Marvin Gaye, to Lil Wayne. Others say she is a wonderful singer. They know this because they can hear her belt out songs from her bedroom, but she is too shy to sing in front of others.

Baking cupcakes for others is something Maddie enjoys doing because it is something she is good at and she is able to share with people she cares about. Although she would love to bake cup cakes for you, she doesn’t like to eat them. She would prefer a bacon cheese burger, so the cup cakes are all yours.

Like many other kids in foster care, Maddie has experienced profound loss. She wants her forever family to know she continues to mourn the death of her father. His memory is near and dear to her heart and her fondest memories of life are from times spent with him. If she could have any wish granted, she would want to spend more time talking and laughing with him while together.

Maddie wants to be adopted by a family with no other children or if there are children in the home she does best with at least ten years or older. She has no qualms about pitching in around the house to make sure areas are properly cleaned. She is open to all types of families and likes pets. She would prefer to live close to Newport, but she is open to considering families who could keep her connected to the community.


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