Laurahli & Jacob

Born 2009 and 2011
Currently on hold…

Laurahli and Jacob have a sibling bond that can’t be broken! Their love for each other is second-to-none! Laurahli is a sweet, sassy girly-girl who loves gymnastics, dance, and arts & crafts. She does participate in gymnastics and would love to be a professional gymnast when she grows up. Laurahli is also quite the fashionista. She loves to dress up in fancy clothes. Although Laurahli is quite the girly-girl, you can also find her getting down and dirty outside. She enjoys riding bikes in the neighborhood, playing on the playground, and just being a typical kid.

Jacob is a kind, gentle soul who loves playing outside, riding his bike, and sports. He would like to play soccer and football someday. When Jacob is not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find him engaged in family games or playing with action figures.

Both children are avid readers and enjoy being read to. Jacob & Laurahli are extremely bright and are very successful academically!

When asked what family means to them, Jacob and Laurahli responded “family means love. A family takes care of you!” They would love a family to do just that for them. Both children enjoy individual special time with their caregivers, as well as time together as a family. Laurahli and Jacob would also love to be tucked in with a bedtime story each evening. Are you able to provide the love and structure they so thrive on? Laurahli and Jacob do have a strong bond with their birth mother. Any family considering whether or not they are the right FOREVER family for these siblings would have to be open to this relationship.


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