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Born 2006
Keith would love a special family to share dinners with. He’ll even help you prepare it!


Keith is a happy nine-year old boy who is full of energy. He is a very confident child who is proud of his skills and abilities. Keith is very bright and does will in school. He is also pretty athletic and loves to share his skills with anyone who wants to play with him. Keith plays soccer and basketball. He is a boy who loves to play outside and enjoys spending his days running around, hiking, bike riding, swimming and a playing at the beach.

Keith enjoys quiet times too and will entertain himself with construction toys such as Legos. He also enjoys coloring and painting.

Keith loves music and is more than willing two sing his favorite songs for you. Keith enjoys going to church on Sundays and would love to share this special time with a family. He would love to be part of a family and just do everyday things as well, such as cooking and baking together, then sharing a family dinner.KeithConfreda2015

Like most children, Keith likes to know what to expect. He will do best in a family that has structure and clear, consistent expectations. Keith is a child who will definitely bring music, dance and laughter into your family!

Meet Keith below, recently featured on Tuesday’s Child…


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