Jessica & Alexia


Currently on hold…
Born 2005 and 2011 These precious girls are looking for a home that will keep them connected…

Jessica and Alexia are two loving sisters looking for a forever home that will keep them together. Jessica wants her own room and a family with cats. Alexia wants to share a room with her sister and does not like cats. Although they can’t agree on the small stuff, they know for sure that they have to be together.

Jessica enjoys family outings and vacations. Her fondest memories of past foster homes are holiday celebrations. She likes when a family makes holidays “a big deal”, and decorates the whole house. She wants to create new and lasting traditions with a family, and continue them for years to come. Jessica is a fun and creative tween. She is fond of electronics and chatting with friends. Jessica says that her favorite thing about Alexia is that she is so funny and makes very silly faces.

Aalexialexia loves to play, play, play. She loves to snuggle her stuffed animals, swim in the pool, ride her bike and color with as many colors as she can find. Our little friend can entertain herself for hours while playing with toys but she says her favorite thing to do is play with her “Jessie”. Alexia adores her older sister and hope you will too.
The girls are open to all family types. They would like to have other siblings in the home or pets. They have an older sister and other connections with which they want to remain contacted.


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