Born: 1999
Jenise’s newest passion is Cosmetology, which she studies in high school every day for 2 full periods and she plans to graduate with a Cosmetology license.

Jenise2015_2Jenise is a vivacious high schooler who loves to be the center of attention. Whether she is listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument like the piano, music makes her very happy. Jenise’s favorite band is “One Direction” and she even saw them in concert twice!

When it comes to movies and TV, she likes to watch Glee and The Vampire Diaries. Jenise enjoys being outside riding her bike and swimming or being inside playing games, doing arts and crafts, drawing, and reading. She is interested in cheerleading and would like to be on a cheer team someday. Jenise enjoys school, and can struggle academically at times, but she also completes extra credit work to try to improve her grades. Math is the toughest subject for her and she works on her math skills regularly with her tutor.
Jenise is a self-proclaimed fashionista and has aspirations of becoming a fashion designer or a singer. Her newest passion is Cosmetology which she will be studying in high school and she plans to graduate with a Cosmetology license. Jenise is also part of a youth leadership and empowerment board comprised of teenagers and young adults that are working together to create positive change to the foster care system. As you can see this amazing and energetic girl has lots of interests so she will need an active family to keep up with her. While Jenise does well with children of all ages, she would thrive in a family with plenty of opportunity for one to one attention. She likes the idea of having an older sibling and a pet.

Jenise is ready and excited to find her forever family.Jenise20154
Meet Jenise below, appearing on Tuesday’s Child. . .


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