Currently on hold…

“I’d like a family that will be there to support me through my high school years and beyond. I enjoy school and I believe I am a good student. I like to get involved in activities after school and programs they offer.”

Jasson is an intelligent young man that likes to keep to himself and has a quiet strength to him. He likes to take in knowledge and he does not jump to excitement all the time. Jasson is an introvert, but he brings a lot to the conversation, he seems to be wise beyond his years.

Jasson loves computers, video games and seems motivated to have a career in one of these areas. Jasson does not really like sports or the outdoors so he wants a family that is into books and technology. Jasson still has a close relationship with his siblings and his birth mother, which he will like to continue after he is adopted. Considering his wishes as he goes through the adoption process is very important to Jasson. Jasson is looking for good advice and a loving home as he begins his journey through high school.


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