Born 2004
With the love and support of a big family, Jahvon hopes to someday pursue a career in computer programming, repair and design.


Let us introduce our new friend, Jahvon. Jahvon is a smart, helpful and caring teen who enjoys being active and would love to play on a sports team some day.
His favorite sports are soccer, football and basketball. He likes to play them with friends and watch his favorite teams on TV. He has the greatest smile and you could see it light up the field, court, or stadium if you took this playful youth to a live game.

Jahvon says that he enjoys math at school, but he is most interested in computer programming, repair and design. He is learning about STEM in school and hopes to use the new skills in his future profession. Jahvon is able to showcase that he is trust worthy by being responsible enough to stay home alone for a short time while his foster parent heads to the bus stop and back.

People who know Jahvon best would tell you that he is kind, engaging and has a great sense of humor. He gets along well with others and likes a good joke. Jahvon shared that his favorite thing is spending time with family; he loves family celebrations and holiday get togethers. He can’t wait to start new traditions in a forever family. He looks forward to the warm feeling of belonging at a big family party.

Jahvon would thrive in a home with active, caring, and patient parent(s). He does best with adults who are loving, playful and joke around; parents who are consistent, can set limits and are also comfortable thinking outside the box. He would like parent(s) who will motivate him to do his best and support him always.


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