Born: 1998
Infinity “Finn” describes herself as AWESOME!

Finn has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She has had to overcome many struggles in the past but is optimistic about her future. In fact, her favorite quote is “Life is a beautiful struggle.”  She is animated and playful, and does well in school. Finn loves to spend time with animals. She is responsible for the pet therapy dogs at her current foster placement including walking, training and even cleaning up after them! She hopes to work in a vet’s office one day or to open her own animal sanctuary.Infinity3

In Finn’s spare time, she loves to spend time outdoors and enjoys hiking and swimming. She also likes to read vampire novels, watch horror movies, and have fun with her friends. Finn has an interest in camping and hopes to one day explore the world.

Finn is ready to find her forever home and if she could pick her family, she would want someone who lives in the woods and has tons of animals. She is open to any family constellation but just hopes that whoever it is, they can support her and her dreams. Could you be that nature loving family who could make her dreams come true?

Meet Infinity, as featured in a recent Tuesday’s Child…

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