Born: 2000
Haley has an engaging smile and personality to match.

Haley is a funny, smart, engaging girl with a great sense of humor, who is looking for a forever family who will love her unconditionally.Haley2015_jul2

Haley likes to stay busy and enjoys dance, music, going to the movies with friends, swimming, drawing, cooking and baking. Haley enjoys opportunities where she can shine in the spotlight. Haley expresses herself through art and can be very artsy. She is a member of a group that empowers girls in the foster care system and through this program, has done some public speaking, participated in art groups, experienced new things, and has built many positive relationships.

Haley needs a family who will support talents her and help her explore her new and emerging interests. She is hoping for two moms, two dads, a mom or a dad, pets, younger siblings and maybe older siblings too. She would appreciate if they could occasionally make her favorite meals: spaghetti and meatballs and mac ‘n cheese. She says it’s important to live in a family where the rules are fair. Haley hopes her forever family will understand that she’d like to stay in contact with significant people in her life. Haley also needs a family who can accept, understand and appreciate all that she has gone through in her past, and to nurture and encourage all that she can be in her future.

Haley talks here about what it’s like growing up in foster care…


Meet Haley below, appearing on Tuesday’s Child…


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