Born: 2006

Currently on hold…



Giselle loves ice cream, maybe that’s because she is so sweet! Giselle spends her days being active, spending time at the Y and enjoying the sunshine, but at the end of the day she enjoys relaxing with a good book or watching her favorite TV show. Giselle makes friends easily. She finds comfort in hanging out with kids her age who can relate to the things she is going through.

Giselle is looking for an active and adventurous family. Although Giselle is enthusiastic about being busy and having fun, she wants to do all these things with you, as a family. She does not want to feel lonely anymore. She needs a family who can give her praise and positive attention to help her build her self-confidence.
Giselle has had a lot of loss and needs to feel that the adults in her life are invested in getting to know her and willing to giving her their time. Giselle needs a FOREVER family.

Giselle feels it is important that she learns and practices life skills. She does well when she is involved in household responsibilities. She wants to be trusted to do things on her own as she grows and matures. Your guidance along her journey would make all the difference.

Giselle has a strong bond with her older sisters and wants to make sure that she will always stay connected to them. Giselle recently found out that she is both Puerto Rican and Guatemalan. She is invested in learning more about her culture and traditions. She is looking forward to starting new life long family traditions once she is placed with an adoptive family. Maybe you are the family she can share these traditions with!


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