Born 2008
Once she gets to know you,
Fa-Lize will have you laughing up a storm!

Fa-Lize is a smart, creative, playful young lady who dreams of a forever family who loves her for her and can keep her safe. Fa-Lize loves to be outside, preferably at the playground or at the beach building sand castles.FaLize2Other interests of Fa-Lize’s are playing with her dolls, drawing, and playing on her tablet. Fa-Lize is quite the comedian! She appears to be shy at first glance, however once she gets to know you she will be talking and have you laughing for hours on end.


Fa-Lize is a very resilient little girl, who has worked through a lot of loss in her young life. Fa-Lize thrives on structure and routine. She would really love to be part of a family that can continue to support her through her tough times and perhaps fulfill her dream of going on a special vacation with her forever family.

Fa-Lize’s relationship with her younger siblings is extremely important to her. Any forever family would need to be open to keeping this connection for her.


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