Born 2001
Ethan dreams of becoming an inventor some day…

If you love to laugh and listen to jokes, you will love 17-year-old, Ethan. He loves to entertain others and make people laugh. Ethan has quite the imagination and dreams of being an inventor, hoping to one day invent something that will change his life.

Ethan loves the outdoors and enjoys playing basketball and soccer. His goal is to, one day, play on a soccer team.
He loves to listen to music and isn’t afraid to stand up and bust a move! Ethan also loves to read and learn — science being a big interest. On rainy days, Ethan likes to visit the local library and pick out some new comic books.
This intelligent and fun boy has lots of interests so he will need an active family to keep up with him. Ethan is looking for a forever family and is open to many family types. Ethan loves his siblings (pictured below) and is hoping for a family that would be supportive towards him maintaining a connection with them. Ethan would benefit from a family that can be patient and support him when he is doing his math and history work for school.

Would you like to be the family that supports Ethan in all of his hobbies?



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