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Born 2008
If asked what she enjoys most about school, Ella will excitedly reply, “learning!”


Ella is an active, intelligent, and charismatic eight year old girl. She enjoys outdoor activities like roller-skating, basketball and riding her scooter, but her favorite thing to do (by far!) is to ride her bicycle. She is even becoming somewhat of a “daredevil” as she has recently learned how to do tricks on her bike.
Ella also likes attending school and has made many new friends this year. If you asked what she enjoys most about school, Ella will excitedly reply, “learning!” She is very proud of how smart she is and is eager to learn new things.Ella_muscles

If she could pick out someone she admires, it would have to be Taylor Swift–because Taylor is beautiful and famous. Ella loves holidays, especially Halloween.Ella_pointing Her most memorable Halloween was the year she dressed up as a cowgirl.

Ella does well with one-on-one attention and would thrive in a family that could provide structure, routine and good boundaries. She would like a home that has pets…she especially likes cats! Whether her new family lives in the country or the city isn’t important, as long as she’d have the opportunity to play outside. Ella needs a family who could be patient, understanding and kind, the sort of family who would embrace this spunky little lady and surround her with love. Can you just imagine her riding her bicycle around your neighborhood, and then coming inside to help you fix dinner? Maybe you could help make her dreams come true.

Ella Super Hero


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