Dayvon & Elijah

Born 2007 & 2003
These happy brothers need a forever family who will help them grown up together!

The best way to describe Dayvon and Elijah is inseparable. These boys enjoy doing just about everything together and never imagine being separated again. The care and compassion that they have for each other and all people is insurmountable.

Both boys are quite athletic and enjoy playing football most. They aspire to someday play for the New England Patriots, where there favorite players Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman respectively play. Recently, they were able to attend a game and stated that they “can’t wait to be able to play on that field” themselves. While the boys dream to be professional football players, they will settle on being police officers “to ensure that their community is safe.”

Other activities the boys enjoy are swimming, skateboarding, and riding bikes. They are avid swimmers and most summer days you will find them swimming the day away. Being outside getting as dirty as possible is key to these boys lives. When it’s time to wind down at the end of the night, after an active day, it’s quite typical to find the boys playing a competitive game of UNO or relaxing watching the Andy Griffith Show.

Academically, Dayvon does very well. He is consistently on the Honor Roll. Elijah requires some supports and will need a family who is willing to continue to advocate for those supports throughout his lifetime.

Dayvon and Elijah have additional siblings that they visit with on a regular basis. Any family that they are with would need to be committed to keeping these visits intact and support the boys through them. The love, care, and concern that these boys have for their
siblings is second to none!


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