Born: 2003
Crystal has many interests including writing short stories, singing and playing the piano…

Crystal is a smart young lady with a beautiful smile. With deep dimples that adorn her cheeks, she is sure to brighten your day. She loves to laugh and before long has those around her laughing too. Her charismatic energy and youthful spirit captures your attention.

Crystal is an avid reader of anime books. She also enjoys watching anime shows. This passion for anime fuels her creative writing of short stories. When asked where she would go if she could visit any place on earth, Crystal responded with “Japan, to see the beautiful Blossom trees”. Some of Crystal’s other interests include, but are not limited to, trying different types of food and listening to music. She can also play the piano.

Crystal would like to be a singer/recording artist. Her favorite genres of music are R&B and Hispanic music (especially Bachata). Becky G and Prince Royce are just a couple of artists that top her list.

Crystal is seeking a family who is “understanding, fun, outgoing, enjoys the outdoors and are great cooks”. She prefers to be the only child but could also do well in a home with an older sibling. As stated by Crystal, she would like to have her “own room with a big bed and a lot of space”.Crystal is an awesome advocate for herself and has great insight as to what she wants and needs. A family that is patient and very supportive would be ideal. The family would also need to provide a level of structure, flexibility and consistency. If your family is full of love and can offer a nurturing and stable environment to an aspiring singer, Crystal could be a great addition.


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