Born 2002
Charlie would love a family to take him fishing…

Charlie is a great boy, who is hoping to become part of his very own family soon. He has aneasy going spirit and is very quick to engage. He loves to be outside and active and is hoping that his new family will like that too.

One of Charlie’s favorite pastimes is music. He writes his own raps, creates his own beats, and has even taught himself to play keyboard and guitar. Charlie knows that there are many other things he would like to try and looks
forward to lots of new experiences with a family. Charlie gets along well with his peers, but is a child who can entertain himself as well. He is a big fan of board games and also video games.

Charlie is inquisitive and loves to ask questions as well as figure things out on his own. Those who know Charlie describe him as sociable and polite. He is quick to joke and is hoping for a family that enjoys that also. Most of all, Charlie is hoping for a family that will accept him, be proud of him and will be there to love him forever.

Meet Charlie below, as featured on Tuesday’s Child…

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